On The Rise: Holiday Sidewinder

With a sharp turn of phrase and a deeply-attuned pop proficiency, Holiday Sidewinder's music unravels the dark side of love under the glow of disco lights…

Holiday Sidewinder x Doingbird

Fashion Feature. Photographs by Amelia J. Dowd.

Holiday Sidewinder Finds Pure Pop Toxicity in ‘Baby-Oil’

“She’s been hailed a pop sensation by just about everyone, including us, and ‘Baby Oil’ pushes Holiday Sidewinder forth as a blinding force to be reckoned with”

Astrophe Mag Interview

“Inspiration feels to me, physically like a little twinkling star in my mind or an exploding one in my chest, depending on the gravity of it. Gotta snatch it up, make use of it”

Alt Citizen Interview

“A femme-fatale at the helm of her own luxury wheels, Holiday is in charge of every aspect of her persona—from image, to merchandise (sealed, worn panties—HELL YES), to the analog warmth present in her sound, and the ridiculously contagious energy of her live shows. It all goes to show, Holiday Sidewinder isn’t just riding this femme-forward wave of change, she’s at its helm”

Do You Believe In Life After Love?

50 things I’ve done to try and “live in the moment and let it go” by Holiday Sidewinder, featured in Something You Said.

HuffPost - Leo

“I had no idea who Holiday Sidewinder was before I came across her latest music video for the song “Leo” this week, but what I do know is a good sex-positive bop when I hear one ― and this is it. The song is an ’80s pop-esque anthem about being an unapologetic heaux, with brilliant lines like “I don’t remember his face, but I remember when I came.” Go awf, sis!” Zeba Blay

Happy Mag: Baby-Oil

Fresh off a set at Bad Friday Festival, Holiday Sidewinder has unveiled her new single Baby Oil; a shimmering and provocative slice of pop brilliance.

Teases + Dares: Baby-Oil

Waking up to a new Sidewinder track this morning was the most wonderful surprise. Our gal is popping out the classy bops on a very regular basis

Holiday Sidewinder Plots Her Pop Domination

Double J Radio Interview 09.04.19

Cutting her teeth in Sydney band Bridezilla, Holiday Sidewinder is now plotting a singular pop path from her base in Los Angeles.

She jumps on Arvos to talk about juggling her pop vision with touring with Alex Cameron, plus her new project with Empire of The Sun’s Nick Littlemore.

Aruba, Jamaica, oh Holiday Sidewinder wants to take you to “Kokomo”

Tangled up in a Berlin conga line, mesmerizing crowds in London, being glamorous in Estonia, missing connecting flights with a smile, and she just dropped a cover of the Beach Boys ’89 endless summer hit, “Kokomo”.

RUSSH Interview

“I have album covers, lyric books, lists of things to pack on tour I made from age five. I truly always knew what I was and what I loved – showbiz.”

Singer-songwriter and pop provocateur Holiday Sidewinder spends an afternoon with photographer and Contributing Editor Kitty Callaghan, and shares with RUSSH her creative icons, favourite gigs and all that’s on her horizon.

The Guardian

“Baby Oil is so effervescent you’ll need an insulin shot from all the sugar, with a Game Boy-esque riff, drum machines from an 80s-imagined future, and the same sex-positive message that has shone from her past few solo singles. The guitar solo that closes the song would be at home on the Purple Rain soundtrack, as would the sultry lyrics. Baby Oil feels like sneaking into an R-rated movie or listening to Madonna records and wondering what it all means – but feeling it nonetheless.”


Paper Mag Interview

“I always write from experience and add a dose of fantasy. I was a hopeless and foolish romantic, frivolous cheater, and serial monogamist. Every relationship was bumper to bumper. So I am now conclusively (and for the foreseeable future) a free and empowered sex-positive independent lover. Still learning though. Who knows what's next. Conflama for life, whether you like it or not.”

The gift that keeps on giving: Holiday Sidewinder brought pure pop electricity to Waywards

“A new pop icon has emerged, folks, and it feels right… the talent here was totally mesmerising, harnessed, ahead of its time. I’m Sidewinder hooked.”

LWA Interview

“Addressing the double standards that women experience when it comes to the world of dating, normalising behaviour that for some reason has different implications based on your gender, encouraging strength and erasing shame – Holiday Sidewinder is clearly not afraid to examine the burning issues facing many women in the world today. However, expressing these ideas in a four minute bubblegum pop video is her true masterstroke”

Bad Friday Interview: Holiday Sidewinder talks the importance of small festivals and her new single

Sydney singer-songwriter, musician and producer Holiday Sidewinder is officially back in Australia following a long London stint, opening the action at the tenth anniversary edition of Bad Friday Festival, which took place in Marrickville at the start of the Easter Long Weekend.

AU Review Interview

“I've explored like a madwoman though, dalliances in France, Rome and Berlin. Caught Soho-itis and didn't sleep for about a year, lost in the late night jazz clubs and buzzing on endless shots of coffee.”

Aussie glam-pop powerhouse Holiday Sidewinder releases Ne

w cut “Forever/ Whatever”

Holiday Sidewinder slams picture-perfect “keeping up with the Joneses” lifestyles on the title track from her forthcoming debut album, “Forever / Whatever”.

BLK Mag Interview

“I then was diagnosed Bi-Polar II, fled to Hollywood, and invited a lot of excitement and drama into my life ; I broke my arm falling off a hot pink bicycle, nearly married a Cuban conceptual artist 2hrs before a long-haul flight, sold cinnamon buns for a week and relied on the kindness of fabulous gay fairygodfathers with grand pianos and wig collections.”

Paper Mag Interview

“Like the Donna Summer song, I was working hard for the money; working as a waitress; late nights, early mornings. I had to dig under the couch for lost change to be able to get on the bus — to get to work!”

Something You Said Interview

“London is fabulous! I’ve very much enjoyed selling pants to the likes of countesses, Jerry Hall, John Paul Gaultier and Adam Ant to pay my keep. Washing dishes and carrying boxes of booze from basements up wonky staircases. It is by all means an absolutely brilliant city. I love the grime and the hardship as much as the glamour and the ritz! A place where both stand wilfully in each other’s shadows”

Holiday Sidewinder: Melbourne

“Holiday Sidewinder's show was an unforgettable experience”

Holiday Sidewinder: Pitch Perfect Performance Art

“The sheer enjoyment and escapism level is through the roof…. she’s real deal showbiz meets Liza Minnelli trying to turn off a lamp; it’s the cat’s meow”

Siren Song: Holiday Sidewinder Serves Up Feminist Vibes with “Baby Oil”

Sidewinder is taking the world by storm, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up the day after this article gets published to find that she’s the hottest musical commodity since Madonna